And the winner of FAIR COIN is…

Pat Zietlow Miller! 😀

Thanks so much to everyone who read the interview with E.C. Myers and entered the giveaway. And for everyone who’s not Pat, the good news is that Fair Coin is now available in bookstores all over the country! I picked up my copy in Boulder on Tuesday…

…and Andy promptly stole it from me and read the whole thing while I was doing freelance work. (He said that it was “very good” and he “really liked it”–and if you know Andy, you know that’s just about the highest praise a book can get!) I can’t wait to dig in myself this weekend.

I have a few more friends with novels coming out this year, so I’ll try to do some more of these interview/giveaway combos. (Like when my bff J.K. Rowling’s new book comes out–I’m sure she’ll be able to swing a few signed advance copies my way. :D)

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