Where the buffalo roam…

We’re going on a road trip!

One week, 2000 miles. Three states I’ve never been to (Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota) and two I’ve spent very little time in (Minnesota, Wisconsin). Here’s our planned route:

Right now, we’re planning to hit Jewel Cave, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota before heading due east through Bismark and Fargo, then turning south to visit friends in southwestern Minnesota and Milwaukee. We’ll end up in my husband’s hometown in Indiana, where we’ll meet our new niece and I’ll be subjected to my first ever Easter Egg hunt (I hear that these things can get pretty violent).

We leave early Tuesday morning, but if you have any suggestions for other places to stop–or, more importantly, regional specialties we must eat–do leave a comment! Do you know where to get the best bison burgers in Bismark? The most marvelous milkshakes in Madison? Unbelievable Uruguyan food in Montevideo, Minnesota? (Yes, there is a Montevideo, Minnesota, and we will be driving through it.) If so, don’t hold out on us. đŸ˜€

2 Responses to “Where the buffalo roam…”

  1. annbedichek

    Yay! I’m so excited you’re going to get to go to Jewel Cave! Definitely make sure you sign up for the lantern tour.

    Have an awesome time!

  2. Anna

    If you have a chance when you’re in Bismark/Mandan, definitely stop by the Earth Mounds and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center- both very interesting! Have a great drive, western North Dakota is so beautiful. đŸ™‚ We’re excited to see you.


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