Gettin’ my nerd on.

Whoa, two posts in one week? Does this signal the beginning of a new, more rigorous blogging schedule?

Nah. I’ve been too busy drafting a new WIP (that’s “Work In Progress” for the un-writerly-acronym-initiated), so posting here will probably remain somewhat sporadic for a while–though I am hoping to do a nice celebratory book giveaway pretty soon, and definitely have a big interview (with wonderful novelist Ernest Hebert) planned for May.

Speaking of interviews, the excellent Amanda Gardner has graciously featured me in an interview over at her blog, Nerd Couture. Not only does Amanda write great questions, but she’s also the author of one of the funniest first pages I’ve EVER come across in a writing contest–page 1 of her urban fantasy novel Wicked Spirits. I pretty much started stalking her on Twitter as soon as I read that page. 🙂 Anyway, she’s been doing a series of interviews of writers in various stages of the agent-seeking and publishing processes, so if that sounds interesting to you, you’ll probably want to check out her blog.

That’s all from me for this week, but I’ll leave you with some Harry Potter humor, which I stole from Melodie Wright.

Happy Friday!

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