New post up at EMU’s Debuts

Hello, faithful blog readers! I have a new post up today over at EMU’s Debuts called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Editorial Letter.”

If you are hoping to receive such a letter yourself one of these years, you might like to check it out. If you’re my mom or my aunt or someone else who isn’t sure what an editorial letter* is, you might be less interested.

So I turned in my first round of revisions on Monday, and am heading to Iceland (!!) for a week this Friday. When I get back, it’ll probably be time to start revising all over again, though I’ll try to squeeze in a travel recap post of sorts.

Happy Wednesday!

*For the record, an editorial letter is the long note that your editor writes you about all the aspects of your book that need some work, accompanied by a deadline by which you need to make the revisions.

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