Thumbs up from School Library Journal!

One of the (many, many) wonderful things about living in Colorado is being a full two hours behind the east coast–meaning that, even though I wake up at a pretty reasonable hour most days (around 7:20 or so), people in New York are at their desks by then, and have sometimes already sent me fun news by e-mail.

Today, such an e-mail was waiting from my editor, letting me know that All Four Stars had received its first industry review–and that it was a good one! Hooray!

The full text will be published in May, but here’s a fun excerpt:

The [restaurant-reviewing] plan goes disastrously and hilariously awry, but Gladys and fine food ultimately triumph. The characters are well drawn…Give this one to your young foodies.

Also, last week, NYPL librarian Betsy Bird featured All Four Stars on her SLJ blog, Fuse #8, along with some other fabulous summer releases coming from Penguin Young Readers.

Many thanks to SLJ for the love–Gladys & I love librarians right back!


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