Coming soon!

All Four Stars will be published in exactly two weeks! #excitement

Today I’m over at Emu’s Debuts with a post called “How to Fail For Real.” It’s about overcoming fear of failure, and touches on my long journey to publication. (It’s also my last Emu post as an unpublished author. I’ve been blogging there for more than two years!)

On Friday, I’ll be sharing another recipe inspired by All Four Stars right here. Green tea cupcakes, anyone?

all four stars tour buttonAnd next Tuesday will kick off the All Four Stars blog tour, hosted by The Midnight Garden! This tour will feature interviews, reviews, and some terrific bonus content (including Gladys Gatsby’s personal tour of New York City restaurants that appear in the book). And I have some other interviews and guest posts lined up outside of the official blog tour as well. I’ll do my best to post links here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

Starting on July 14, Emu’s Debuts will be hosting its own weeklong launch party for All Four Stars, which will include an interview with fantastic cover artist Kelly Murphy and lots of other fun posts.

And then there are the real-life launch parties in NYC (July 10) and Boulder, CO (July 17)–more details on my events page.

It’s a busy, exciting time, and I’m honored that so many people are helping me celebrate. I hope that you enjoy everything we’ve got planned!

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