Sequel title & cover reveal: THE STARS OF SUMMER!

 Recipe for a delicious sequel to All Four Stars:

 Take one ambitious (and now slightly more mature) heroine…

Gladys Gatsby

Load up her lobster backpack…


Pack her off to the very last place on earth where she wants to spend the summer…

Camp Bentley

Assign her to review one of her least favorite foods…

hot dog

Wait for the stars to align…

And, as Aunt Lydia would say…voila!The Stars of Summer by Tara Dairman

The Stars of Summer

a sequel to All Four Stars, coming on May 5, 2015!
ISBN-13: 978-0-399-17069-0

It’s not easy being an undercover restaurant critic—especially when you’re only twelve years old!

After successfully completing her first restaurant review for the New York Standard newspaper, Gladys Gatsby is looking forward to a quiet summer of cooking and eating. But her plans quickly go awry when her friend Charissa Bentley delivers Gladys’s birthday gift: a free summer at Camp Bentley.

As Gladys feared, camp life is not easy; she struggles to pass her swim test, can’t keep the other campers happy while planning lunches, and cannot seem to get away from the annoying new “celebrity” camper. The worst part is she’s not able to find a moment to sneak away for her latest reviewing assignment: finding the best hot dog in New York City. But when Gladys learns that her hot dog assignment might actually be a dirty trick made up by a jealous fellow critic, she fears her reviewing career could be over forever.

This perfectly plotted sequel brings readers on a rollicking summertime adventure through New York City with all of the charm of All Four Stars—and even more foodie flavor!


Many thanks to the Penguin Young Readers design team, and in particular to amazing cover artist Kelly Murphy, for creating this incredible cover!


You can now preorder The Stars of Summer from the following vendors:

Powells * Barnes & Noble *  Amazon * Books-a-Million * Indigo (Canada)

And you can add The Stars of Summer to your to-read shelf on GoodReads!

Giveaway alert!

May of 2015 is a long way off…but I will have advance copies of The Stars of Summer sometime in the next few weeks. And, of course, I have copies of All Four Stars right now!

So TWO lucky commenters on this post will win their choice of either a signed hardcover of All Four Stars OR a signed ARC of The Stars of Summer.

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The book can be sent to a mailing address in the USA or Canada. I’ll announce a winner one week from today, on 10/21.

37 Responses to “Sequel title & cover reveal: THE STARS OF SUMMER!”

  1. Maryanne (mfantaliswrites)


    I’m not much of a squeeee-er, but that cover is so amazing!!! It’s a perfect shelf companion to “A4S” – colors are beautiful, artwork is gorgeous – and I love the story blurb too! Can’t wait to read this one! The hunt for the best NYC hot dog? I’m in! 🙂

    (And the lobster backpack is the cutest. Must. Get. One.)

  2. Joy McCullough-Carranza

    Whee!! I love this one – even more than the first. Such great colors and it makes me wonder what Gladys is thinking!

  3. Amy Finnegan

    Oh my goodness, THAT cover is awesome!! I can’t wait to read about Gladys in her all new adventure!!!! And what a brilliant idea for a plot! 🙂

  4. kateposeyphd

    I’m so excited for this sequel and will be counting down the days! I will look forward to reading it and plotting some kind of recipe-inspired post to go along! 🙂 Can’t wait to dive into more of Gladys’s adventures!

  5. kateivan

    I plan on reading this book with my nieces, who are fans of the first book. In hopes of becoming better informed, I’ve signed up for the newsletter. In hopes of winning a signed book for my girls, I’ve tweeted about the giveaway. Thanks for sharing the lovely cover — and best wishes for continued success with Gladys!

  6. Michelle ( mickey )

    Gee Tara I wonder if Gladys has a technically challenged Nana like me ?
    The sequel sounds delightful. Coincidentally my dogs name is Bentley. My grand daughter ( yes I have two grand children ) would love if Nana won signed copies . Told her I knew the author since she was born and showed her pictures too.

  7. Emily

    Put me down for one lobster backpack, please. 🙂

    I can’t wait, Tara! The second book looks so good!

  8. leandrajwallace

    It’s gorgeous! I was smiling so much when I saw it in your newsletter. Super, super lovely! May I book you in advance for a May appearance on my blog? I just have to feature all that cuteness! 😉

  9. Jen (Pop! Goes The Reader)

    SO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT. I was practically bursting with joy when I opened your newsletter earlier this week and I’ve been sharing the cover with everyone I know ever since. By now I think we both know how much I adored All Four Stars, and I absolutely can’t wait to read about the next instalment in Gladys’ culinary adventures. Plus, how cute is that cover? It perfectly compliments the first book and I can’t wait to purchase a finished copy to go alongside its companion on my bookshelves. Also, two words: LOBSTER. BACKPACK. Why is this not already a thing that I own?!

    P.S. If you’re ever interested in stopping by Pop! Goes The Reader when we get a little closer to the publication date, please let me know. You’re ALWAYS welcome on my blog and I’ll continue to do everything in my power to support and promote your wonderful work <3

    P.P.S I wasn't sure if this giveaway was open internationally, but if it is, I do subscribe to your newsletter and have tweeted about the cover reveal (several) times 😀

    • Tara Dairman

      Yes, Jen–I’d love to come back to Pop! GTR closer to publication! Hooray!

      And yes, this giveaway is open to Canada! I’ll clarify that in the post. 🙂

  10. Abbey

    CONGRATS!!! I’ll definitely be buying a copy for myself when it comes out, and one for my 6 year old neighbor who loved All Four Stars. 😀

  11. Ann Buckley

    My daughter and I adored the book “All Four Stars” and she is beyond excited about the possibility of an ARC of the sequel!!!! Fingers, toes, (and anything else that can be) are crossed here at this house!😊

    • Ann Buckley

      Oh! And I signed up for the newsletter and tweeted…and I liked you on FB…and Instagram LOL
      So…it’s official my daughter and I are fans!

  12. Dawn Pleet

    Lovely covers. I’d love to share your books with my daughter. Just tweeted & signed up for your newsletter.


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