Let’s not beat around the (thistleberry) bush. Here it is, the cover for my next middle-grade novel, The Great Hibernation, coming September 12 from Wendy Lamb Books/Random House! The illustrator is the incredible Rebecca Green.


Why yes, that is a sheep wearing snowshoes. And a boy in a 17th-century mariner’s costume. And a fjord, and an ice floe, and oh yeah, a bear photobombing everyone with a handful of thistleberries…

I promise, it’ll all make sense once you skate into the story–I’m only sad that nine more months need to pass before you can do so.

But wait! Maybe you don’t have to wait so long, because advance reader copies (ARCs) of the book have already been printed, and I am giving one away today! Yes, you could be the winner–and learn what that boy on the cover won his medal for before everyone else. 🙂

Leave a comment on this post to enter to win, and to earn more entries, please see the directions below.

Here’s the official summary of The Great Hibernation:

The most important tradition in tiny St. Polonius-on-the-Fjord is the annual Tasting of the Sacred Bear Liver. Each citizen over twelve must eat one bite of liver to prevent the recurrence of the Great Hibernation, when the town’s founders fell asleep for months.

This year is Jean Huddy’s first time to taste the liver. It doesn’t go well. A few hours later, all the adults fall asleep. And no one can wake them.

The kids are left to run things, and they’re having a blast. That is, until the town bullies take over the mayor’s office and the police force.

Jean suspects that this “hibernation” was actually engineered by someone in town. She starts to investigate, and inspires other kids to join her in a secret plan to save St. Polonius.

Courage, teamwork, and scientific smarts unlock a quirky mystery in this delightful and funny story.

ISBN 978-1-5247-1785-8 (trade)
ISBN 978-1-5247-1785-5 (library)
ISBN 978-1-5247-1787-2 (ebook)


And there are blurbs!

“Definitely will not induce drowsiness. Utterly original.” – Adam Rex, author of The True Meaning of Smekday and the Cold Cereal Saga

“Imagine Lord of the Flies as a comedy set in snowy terrain and you have The Great Hibernation: a hilarious, whip-smart page turner you don’t want to miss.”  – Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, New York Times bestselling author of Book Scavenger and The Unbreakable Code

“Should I say ‘Udderly original’? No—there are no cows in it, just a ram. Utterly original.” – Adam Rex again

(I am still freaking out about these blurbs. The True Meaning of Smekday and  Book Scavenger are two of my all-time favorite books. I am so grateful to Adam and Jennifer!)

Enter to win

ONE lucky reader will win an ARC of The Great Hibernation!

Leave a comment on this post to enter, and you can earn extra entries by signing up for my e-mail newsletter and/or tweeting about the giveaway.

Here’s a sample tweet you can use:

Cover reveal & #giveaway: Win an ARC of #TheGreatHibernation, @TaraDairman‘s Fall ’17 @randomhousekids comic gem!

Let me know in your comment if you’ve signed up for the newsletter (either now or in the past) and/or tweeted so I can give you credit. This giveaway is open to domestic and international entries. I’ll announce a winner one week from today, on Wednesday, January 18.

And feel free to share this cover however you like. The Great Hibernation should be available for preorder very soon from all booksellers!



63 Responses to “Cover reveal for THE GREAT HIBERNATION!”

  1. Sarah Levy

    I am LOVING that cover!! Would love to read this one early & share with my #bookjourney friends 🙂

  2. Kristen Picone

    I’ve been waiting for this since you first announced it was coming soon! Quite different from Gladys, but still some eating I guess!! Thank you for this opportunity! I will also be tweeting about this giveaway!

  3. Amy B.

    Gasp gulp squee! I am keeping my fingers crossed – I have a Four Stars Uber-Fan (nothing to do with the ride service) so I enter with him in mind! Thank you for offering!!

  4. Karen Firstbrook

    The blurbs are hilarious . . . and the summary has me anxiously waiting to read the book! I tweeted and subscribed to your newsletter!

  5. Kathy Clark

    So exciting! Such a gorgeous cover too! My daughter is a big All four Stars fan. I think I already get the newsletter. Congrats on the new book!

  6. Lostinsummer

    Would really love to read this book! It sounds (and looks!) so charming. I tweeted about this (@blinveronik) and signed for the newsletter!

  7. Nat

    What a hilarious gang! I’m pretty curious what’s their story 😊 That cover… and from my favourite illustrator! This is going to be fab 💕

  8. Rebecca Chadwick

    Love the cover & the synopsis: I think this would be perfect for my youngest brother!

  9. mycandacejean

    How exciting! This story sounds wonderful.
    I’m new to your work and can’t wait to start ALL FOUR STARS. Just signed up for your newsletter as well!

  10. adu (@adu_u)

    The cover is beautiful and magic itself but I’d love to read about Jean’s investigation and adventures, too! I haven’t read any of your works yet, but wish you luck with your creative work:) Why oh why your books aren’t available in Poland yet? Signed up for the newsletter and twitted (@adu_u) Thank you so much for this opportunity x

  11. Carla

    Oh my goodness! The cover is so beautiful and I can’t wait to read all the story!
    (I’ve also signed up for the newsletter) 🙂

  12. Cyndi

    My daughter loved your last series and cannot wait to read your new book. The cover is lovely!

  13. Ann Buckley

    Can’t wait to read your latest work!!!
    I am a newsletter member from past contests😉 I will share this on my page on FB and tweet!!! Always happy to share good reads with my friends!!
    Fingers crossed for an ARC!!☺️

  14. Reeve

    I don’t know if I can wait this long for the new book! I love your work you are an amazing author! I am the biggest fan and even dressed up as Gladys for Halloween! The cover also looks amazing as always!!

  15. Rachel

    I’m so excited to read this! Rebecca green is my favorite illustrator too. I signed up for the email list!

  16. Oona B

    Here in the Pacific NW, we are snowed in today and look much like the cover of your sweet book. I’d love to win a copy, thanks!

  17. Lisa Fraser

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I can’t wait to read this new and quirky novel! The illustrations are just stunning and I can only imagine what the interior ones must be like. Congrats Tara on your new book!

  18. amybradsher

    Oh, I can’t wait! Love your ‘Stars’ series! (I tweeted and am a subscriber, too.)

  19. Teresa

    What an awesome looking cover! Your Four Stars series brought this 40ish mom back to her childhood — reading the books like I was 12 again as I couldn’t put them down. My 12y old son loved the series too and told me about your new book, the Great Hibernation. WE cannot wait to read it and would love an early ARC copy. I am signed up for the newsletter and tweeted the giveaway!

  20. Virginia Douglas

    This book (& cover) look so appealing! Also – I just signed up for your newsletter.
    Thanks – Virginia

  21. Natasha Norford

    Ooee! This looks beyond magical. I love a frosty tale, especially when sheep wear wee snow shoes in it.

    I’m in your email newsletter, and have tweeted this tweet! Congratulations on an exciting new addition to the collection <3

  22. Kim Parfitt

    Awesome cover that invites me right in! I’m tweeting, I’m newslettering, and snow shoeing with sheep (ok, a mini aussie pup but…) Also, I said I wasn’t a robot. Sometimes, however, I feel like one. I hope you don’t find that disingenuous.

    Yay You!

  23. Christa Lakey

    Gorgeous cover! The snow shoes on the sheep make me want to know what other fun things are happening in the book! Such fun!

  24. Diana Blumczynski

    This book looks amazing! And the illustrations on the cover look fantastic! Can’t wait to get to read this in September, if not sooner. 😉 Looks super fun and quirky! 😊

  25. september4

    This sounds like a wonderful read! Here’s my try at winning your advanced copy! *_*

  26. Karen Ricketts

    My 12 yr. old daughter was SO excited to see the cover! She immediately started trying to pick up clues from Rebecca Green’s artwork to figure out pieces of the plot. Waiting 9 more mos. to read it will require “hibernation” since she won’t be able to stand it. We both loved Gladys, and read all 3 books aloud together. Excited to see something totally different and new from you!

  27. Krista Van Dolzer

    Oh my gosh, the cuteness! I’m going to have to keep an eye out for other Rebecca Green artwork, because this cover is fabulous. Congratulations, Tara!

    (And I signed up for your newsletter! Should have done that a long time ago…)

  28. Yun-A

    The cover is so cute! My sister and I are both excited to read this – she loved Gladys.

    (Also, I signed up for your newsletter)

  29. Astrid Blumer

    What a wonderful and fun story line. I am so excited to read it as well as see the beautiful illustrations by Rebecca Green! *signed up for newsletter 😊

  30. Alley McGlynn

    Love Rebecca Green’s art! This cover is beautiful and I can’t wait to read the book!!

  31. sonja

    What a gorgeous cover and intriguing summary! I cannot wait to get my hands on this one 🙂 I also subscribed to your newsletter and tweeted about this book to my friends. So exciting!

  32. Ella Jane Dantzler

    I love it!! Rebecca Green is my favorite and this book looks like a delight!

  33. Kristen Heeres

    I love putting the solutions in the hands of children. This will be an exciting exploration for all of my students :)!


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