Cover reveal for THE GIRL FROM EARTH’S END!

Hello, friends! Today I’m so happy to be able to share the cover and description of my next middle-grade novel with you.

I’ve been hard at work on this book since 2018, and I’m so proud of how it’s turned out. If you’re familiar with my other middle-grade novels, you might notice that The Girl from Earth’s End sounds a bit different, and it is—this is me delving into some weightier topics and themes, from family dynamics to gender identity to mortality. (Though don’t worry, there’s still plenty of friendship, humor, and food, too.) It’s my most fantastical work so far, but at the same time the book that feels closest to my heart and my truth.

Chantal Horeis created this magnificent cover art for The Girl from Earth’s End, which will be published on March 14, 2023 by Candlewick Press.

I’m over the moon with how the cover turned out! In addition to creating an atmosphere that matches the story perfectly, Chantal worked in so many significant details from the plot—like the contents of the boat ready to launch in the corner, the flowers the main character is planting . . . even the shoes she’s wearing.

And the back cover features a tree that’s yet another key story element. Here’s the full jacket (additional credit to Matt Roeser and the rest of the design team at Candlewick).

So what’s this book about, and how can you get your hands on a copy (maybe even before publication)? Do read on . . .

The Girl from Earth’s End
Candlewick Press, 3.14.23
ISBN: 978-1536224801
ages 8 and up 
Gifted gardener Henna embarks from her island home to search for the plant that might save her papa’s life in this vibrant story of love, grief, and growth.

Twelve-year-old Henna loves living with her two papas and cultivating her beloved plants on the tiny island of Earth’s End—until Papa Niall grows seriously ill. Now Henna is determined to find a legendary, long-extinct plant with miraculous healing powers, even though the search means journeying all the way to St. Basil’s Conservatory, a botanical boarding school rumored to house seeds of every plant ever grown. At St. Basil’s, Henna is surrounded not only by incredible plants, but also, for the first time, by other kids—including her new roommates: wisecracking, genderfluid P, who gleefully bends every rule they come up against, and wealthy, distant Lora, who is tired of servants doing everything for her, from folding her clothes to pushing her wheelchair. But Henna’s search for the fabled healing seed means she doesn’t have time for friends, or so she thinks.
This tender tale, blossoming with moments of joy, is a story of hope, grief, and learning to flourish with a little help from those around you.
Preorder your copy from…
Old Firehouse Books (for signed copies)*
Indigo (Canada)
Book Depository (International)
Penguin Random House (this book is not yet in their system, but will be soon!)
Add it on Goodreads

*If you’d like your copy(/ies) signed and personalized, you should order from my local indie bookstore, Old Firehouse Books, and I’ll throw in some fun swag as well before they’re sent out to you.

Three ways you can help make this book a success 

Preorder a copy (or two). Preorders show the publisher and retailers that people are excited about the book; they can lead to higher print runs, bestseller list placement, and more visibility for the book in online algorithms. So thank you for preordering if you can! (And hey, if you have the means and want to preorder multiple copies, even better. You could gift an extra to a middle-grade reader in your life or pop one into a little free library.)
Request that your local library system purchase and carry it. You can often do this electronically through Libby or Overdrive or on your library’s website, or by filling out a form at the library in person. It can help to have the ISBN handy.
Read the book early and share a review. If you’re interested in doing this, read the next section!

Early ARC tour for The Girl from Earth’s End 
Would you like to read The Girl from Earth’s End before it’s even published? If so, consider joining my newsletter-subscribers-only ARC tour! If you can commit to reading the book in about a week (and mailing it to the next reader after), you can join a group of excited early readers who’ll be sending a copy of the book around the United States. Once you’ve read, I’d love it if you left a brief review on Goodreads or any other social media you participate in to help build buzz for the book. (If a kid is reading, they’re welcome to write a review and have an adult share it in any capacity that feels comfortable.)
I’ll send a newsletter out very soon with more details and a sign-up link. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so here.

Here are a few things other wonderful writers have said about The Girl from Earth’s End.                                                                                                                          
 “This book is a masterpiece. With a story that grabs you and doesn’t let go, a lush setting that ignites your imagination, and characters who will live in your heart long after you close the book, The Girl from Earth’s End will transport you to a different world—one where you’ll laugh, cry . . . and won’t want to leave.”

Ann Braden, award-winning author of The Benefits of Being an Octopus and Opinions and Opossums
“Prepare yourself for an enchanting journey full of humor and heart. The Girl from Earth’s End will charm and captivate readers—a classic in the making.
Jennifer Chambliss BertmanNew York Times bestselling author of the Book Scavenger series and Sisterhood of Sleuths
“Richly imagined and beautifully detailed, The Girl from Earth’s End expertly weaves contemporary themes into a timeless, heartfelt tale that not only transports the reader but transforms them. A breathtaking gem of a book.
Elaine Vickers, award-winning author of Like Magic and Half Moon Summer

And one more thing…
As a bonus for scrolling all this way, here’s one more reveal from the book: a map of the Gardenia Isles, the world where The Girl from Earth’s End takes place. It was drawn by Christine Engels with further design elements by Maya Tatsukawa. Fun fact: Christine is my amazing editor, and she busted out her secret drawing skills to create this for the book and surprise me. Wow, right??

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