Choose Your Own Adventure Giveaway!

Yep, I’m still finding ways to celebrate the fact that my debut middle-grade novel, The Delicious Double life of Gladys Gatsby, is getting published. (When you have a two-year wait for publication, you need to stretch the fun out as long as you can!) This past weekend, my husband and I threw a little “Tara has… Read more »

And the winner of FAIR COIN is…

Pat Zietlow Miller! 😀 Thanks so much to everyone who read the interview with E.C. Myers and entered the giveaway. And for everyone who’s not Pat, the good news is that Fair Coin is now available in bookstores all over the country! I picked up my copy in Boulder on Tuesday… …and Andy promptly stole it from me… Read more »

In which I direct you elsewhere.

As you’ve probably guessed from the lack of recent posts, I’ve been a little swamped lately–with writing, with work, with Downton Abbey (yes, my priorities are in order). But Downton‘s wrapped up now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with my revisions, and I hope to have some more material… Read more »