A Baked Creation!

Stars So Sweet comes out tomorrow! If you’re in New York, I hope you’ll join me at Books of Wonder to celebrate! Blog tour stop #8: Check out this delicious review and bonus cheese and scallion madeleine recipe (YUM) by Sylvia at A Baked Creation! Her fancy photography of Stars So Sweet among the macarons is definitely worth a gander,… Read more »

For What It’s Worth!

Blog tour stop #7: Here’s an excerpt. “I can’t think of a better book to sit down and read with your kids. It opens your eyes to different cultures, foods, languages and is an excellent jumping off point to discuss diversity, responsibility and relationships of all kinds.” Thank you so much to Karen at For What… Read more »

Word Spelunking!

Blog tour stop #6: Another chance to win a full set of All Four Stars books–and to read another thoughtful review of Stars So Sweet, over at Aeicha’s blog Word Spelunking! Happy reading, and good luck if you enter to win.

Log Cabin Library!

Blog tour stop #5: Thank you for delving into Stars So Sweet in this excellent review, Brenda at Log Cabin Library! Gladys is so lucky to have thoughtful readers like you. 🙂  

The Reading Date!

Blog tour, stop #2: Thank you to Lucy at The Reading Date for this great review of Stars So Sweet–and for posting the first full-series giveaway! Go forth and enter!  

This Friday at Second Star to the Right!

Greetings, friends! If you’re in the Denver area, I invite you to come out this Friday, April 1, to see me and Jeannie Mobley at Second Star to the Right Children’s Books on Tennyson street. We will be reading from our middle-grade books, answering questions, and doing a craft starting at 6:30 pm. Second Star has… Read more »