Iceland recap!

Good news: Andy and I have brought our old round-the-world travel blog back to life to share our recent adventures in Iceland! The first two posts are already up, with more to come (including foods like rotten shark, whale, and puffin) over the next week. Feel free to pop on over. Post 1: An Icy… Read more »

A very literary (and tasty!) east coast trip

Oh, my–almost two weeks have passed since my trip ended. I’d better get this post up, huh? đŸ™‚ I left Colorado just in time to escape 98-degree, bone-dry days and the worst of the wildfires, and flew into NYC just in time to catch 98-degree, 100%-humidity days that made me feel like I was back… Read more »

Start spreadin’ the news…

I’m in New York! It’s about 100 degrees and humid out, which makes it feel like I’m literally in the jungle…which I guess I sort of am. Can’t wait to venture into the city tonight and experience all of the crowdedeness, rudeness, and black-hued fashion that’s been missing from my life for these past six… Read more »

May Days

It’s been a busy few weeks. Let’s play catch-up! I now have an author page on Facebook. Unlike on this blog, I actually post there in a timely manner about writerly things that are going on in my life (like interviews or Gladys book news), so if you’d rather find out about that stuff as… Read more »

Where the buffalo roam…

We’re going on a road trip! One week, 2000 miles. Three states I’ve never been to (Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota) and two I’ve spent very little time in (Minnesota, Wisconsin). Here’s our planned route: Right now, we’re planning to hit Jewel Cave, Crazy Horse, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National… Read more »

Travel blog

Nothing here yet, but you can check out the travel blog my husband and I wrote about our round-the-world adventures at