I try to talk about books, but all you want are cupcakes.

A few people have asked me for the recipe for those strawberry cupcakes they saw in my book giveaway post (and that currently grace this site’s header), so I thought I should share!

This is the recipe I use. I usually halve it, but I use a smaller-sized muffin tin and still end up with more than a dozen. (My high-altitude adjustment is to bake them at 365° for about 17 minutes.)

I’ve also been making a different icing, a strawberry-lime-buttercream one (it has to be buttercream in my house because my husband won’t eat cream cheese!). I just beat butter, powdered sugar, a little strawberry puree, and a little lime juice.

Finally, to make each cupcake extra fancy, I put half a hulled strawberry on top and replace its green bit with a mint leaf. 100% edible!

The cupcakes are a bit of a project, but they’re worth it. Happy baking! 🙂