Teachers, Librarians, & Book Clubs

Free Skype Visit

Skype IconI’m pleased to offer a free 20-minute author Q&A session on Skype or Google Hangout with any class, book club, or library group that has read All Four StarsThe Stars of Summer, or Stars So Sweet! 

Please contact me for more details or to arrange a session. Here are some tips for a successful Skype visit. And you can find a list of lots of other authors who Skype here.

School Visits

I am available for school (elementary and middle) and library visits at certain times of year. My preferred program is interactive and includes descriptive writing activities. If you are interested in finding out more about my programs, availability, and rates (including airfare/hotel for visits outside of the Austin, TX area), please contact me directly.

All Four Stars by Tara Dairman CoverDiscussion Guide for All Four Stars

Are you reading All Four Stars with your book club or class? These questions can help you kick off a delicious discussion! Just click the link below to view or download the complete discussion guide (PDF format).



Looking for a tasty recipe to make for your book club? Recipes for dishes from All Four Stars can be found here!


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