Will there be more Gladys Gatsby books?

Alas, the series is finished at three books. But I do have another middle-grade book out called The Great Hibernation, and another coming soon called The Girl from Earth’s End!

What was your inspiration for writing The Girl from Earth’s End?

Ah, the idea for the book of my heart came from reading a travel guide, becoming a parent, watching my own parent grow ill, and quitting writing (well, for a few weeks). I wrote all about it here, in the book’s deal announcement.

What was your inspiration for writing the All Four Stars series?

In short, my day job. I was working as a magazine editor in New York, and had lots of freelance writers write articles for me. But I would never meet them in person, and most of the time never even spoke to them on the phone. We would only communicate by e-mail. So it struck… Read more »

You’ve visited a lot of countries. Which one is your favorite?

I love to travel, and as you can probably tell, I draw so much inspiration for my writing from it! My husband and I backpacked through 74 countries for our (two-year) honeymoon, and I’ve been to around 20 more beyond that. Picking one favorite is pretty much impossible. But if I had to choose a… Read more »

Are any of your characters based on you or based on real people?

I would say that every main character I write (and often the supporting ones, too!) have a bit of me and my life experience in them. In my novels, I tend to write protagonists with strong passions—like Henna’s for gardening in The Girl from Earth’s End, and Gladys’s for food in the All Four Stars… Read more »

Have you always wanted to be an author?

I did always want to be an author, but I’ve had other jobs along the way, such as magazine editor and writing teacher.