What was your inspiration for writing Desert Girl, Monsoon Boy?

When I was backpacking around the world in 2010, I’d often find myself in one season or weather pattern, cross a border (like a mountain range), then find myself in an entirely different season or weather pattern—even though it was still the same time of year. I also experienced the intensities of desert dryness and monsoon rains firsthand. When I traveled through India, I learned about nomadic groups there and how their ways of life were changing as more members settled in villages, and as weather in their regions became more extreme. Years later, after a lot more research, the book’s text began to come together. And then, of course, I was lucky to collaborate with Archana Sreenivasan, who had spent time staying with and photographing the Rabari people in India. We consulted with members of that group to finalize the text and images, and finally the book was born, ten years after I felt the first twinges of inspiration for it. 

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